What is the best way to combine my vacuum stick with my conventional vacuum?

What is the best way to combine my vacuum stick with my conventional vacuum?


What is the best way to combine my vacuum stick with my conventional vacuum?

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Both the upright and the cordless vacuum cleaner have their uses and benefits. However, their rates of operation are different.

Even if your home is quite large, a cordless vacuum will allow you to easily clean every corner. If you'll be using your upright mostly for ascending and descending stairs, though, a cordless model will be more convenient because it won't need to be recharged as often.

To get the most out of your vacuum stick, always use it in tandem with the cordless version; for example, while cleaning under a couch or other piece of furniture, switch to the cordless model. If you've seen cobwebs in your ceiling or in the nooks of your windows, it's time to give your home a thorough cleaning. Call down your heavy-duty cleaning helper from upstairs and get to work!

To save space and reduce the weight of your vacuum, you can attach your regular vacuum to the stick vacuum.

Using a Stick Vacuum with Different Models:

Verify that the other vacuum is not running.

Attach a wand and filter to your stick, just like the ones that come with your cordless (or detachable) portable vacuums.

Start the corded or battery-operated vacuum cleaner in the area you want to clean.

The residue left behind on brick, tile, or polished stone floors can be reduced by using a vacuum cleaner and holding the stick with a clip or band. As an added bonus, you may clean and retrieve objects from previously inaccessible locations by attaching the grip-tip sticks directly to the nozzle of your 20-mm hose.

Having two vacuum cleaners is beneficial because it improves air quality, boosts cleaning efficiency, gives you more options for hoses and attachments, and makes cleaning faster and safer for you.

For example, some customers may ask if hoses come standard with their vacuum purchase. When purchasing an upright vacuum, some stores will display all available attachments on the device itself, such as crevice and tiny brush heads, so there is no unpleasant surprise when you get the vacuum home.

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