LG 5.6 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Top Load Washer

LG 5.6 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Top Load Washer


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 LG 5.6 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Top Load Washer

This top-loading washer from LG is powerful enough to handle even the heaviest loads of washing. There's a whopping 5.6 cubic feet of storage space. ft. capacity, it easily handles family-sized loads so you can get through washing quicker. It uses cutting-edge technology like 6Motion and TurboWash 3D to thoroughly clean your vehicle.

Amazingly potent display

5.6 cu. ft size allows for plenty of storage space, even when loaded with heavy or bulky things like comforters.
The four-way agitator gently but effectively washes clothing by moving them in all directions during the cycle.
LG's JetSpray and TurboDrum are put to good use in the agitator-free TurboWash3D technology.
With 8 distinct settings, you can give your clothes the deep clean they need without damaging them.
With the push of a button, the deep fill function may be used to saturate any load to its maximum capacity.
Skillful and effective

With ColdWash technology, materials get a thorough cleaning without using as much energy.
Connecting to Proactive Customer Care is a breeze with ThinQ technology in your washing machine.
The dryer's smart pairing feature chooses the optimal drying program without human intervention.
Select a dryer that is nearly twice as large as the washer when matching the two.

A total of 68.58cm (27 inches) in width.
I am 113 centimeters (44.5 inches) tall.
Profoundness is 73 inches or 72.07cm (28.37")

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