bosch 300 Series 2.2 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Compact Washer - White

bosch 300 Series 2.2 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Compact Washer - White


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 bosch 300 Series 2.2 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Compact Washer - White

Using this Bosch 2.2 cu. ft. front load washer, you can have your washing done in record time. Its big viewing window and lightweight door facilitate loading and unloading, and its modest size belies its ability to hold up to 15.4 pounds of clothing. Its dual purpose of cleaning and preserving clothing is clear from its name.

Connecting this device in your house could require a Bosch dryer.
In North America, the standard household washing machine plugs into a 120V outlet. However, 240V outlets are needed for Bosch washing machines.

Don't fret; Bosch has thought of everything and created a system that allows you to connect your Bosch washer and dryer (and all Bosch dryers work with 240V outlets).

Small but powerful in terms of storage and operation speed

The stainless steel wash basket in this 24-inch washer holds 2.2 cubic feet of laundry, so it can handle a lot of laundry for its size. And it's perfect for a studio or one-bedroom cottage, or any of today's smaller dwellings where square footage is at a premium. Cleans loads as heavy as 15.4 pounds. You can wash up to 16 towels at once.
You'll be thankful you invested in a washing machine with SpeedPerfect's exclusive technology since it can wash loads up to 40% faster, giving you more time to grab that shirt you need for work or those perfect pants for a night out.
Very quiet and effective functioning

ActiveWater Management uses a three-step approach to identify the load status, then accurately adjusts the quantity of water and power utilized to minimize waste and maximize precision. With those kinds of savings on energy costs, you may afford to buy more clothes without limiting your other spending.
You can rest easy knowing you're doing your part to lessen your carbon footprint with to the 84kWh/year EnerGuide rating and ENERGY STAR approval.
The AVS anti-vibration technology, along with the EcoSilence motor and direct drive system, produces a nearly silent, energy-efficient performance. This washer creates less noise than a regular conversation (54dBA) while operating, so it won't disrupt your evening (or the movie you're trying to watch) at all.
Functionality and ingenuity in the layout.

With 15 various wash cycles, you can tailor the washing process to your specific needs and ensure that your clothes last as long as possible. The water is heated to 145 degrees Fahrenheit during the allergen cycle, which kills bacteria and allergens such dust mites, as well as during the delicates, wool, towels, jeans, and allergen settings for permanent press.
The large window on the front-load model allows you to quickly and easily check on the status of your laundry. It may be stacked with a similar dryer to conserve even more room, and it connects directly to the dryer via a standard connection.
The end-of-cycle indication lets you know precisely when your laundry is done drying, and the machine has a 24-hour delay start so you can program it to operate around your schedule.
Seek out a compatible partner.

Find a dryer with a capacity nearly double that of the washer if you want them to match.

Dimensions: 61.60cm (24.50in) in width, 84.46cm (33.25") in height, and 59.69cm (23.5in) in height (24.25")


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