Roidmi Z1 Air Sterilizing Cordless Vacuum - White

Roidmi Z1 Air Sterilizing Cordless Vacuum - White


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 Roidmi Z1 Air Sterilizing Cordless Vacuum - White

The Roidmi Z1 Air Sterilizing cordless vacuum will help you clean every inch of your home. Powerful suction from its 110K RPM brushless motor and 110W removes dirt and debris from carpets, while the vacuum's 10-cyclone separation system and built-in filters keep the dust where it belongs and allow you to breathe better. The 60-minute cleaning duration provided by the rechargeable battery allows you to go longer between charges.

The 110W of suction strength from the cordless handheld vacuum's 100K RPM digital brushless motor ensures a thorough cleaning.
The 20kpa suction and cyclone separation of dust by 10 cyclones helps keep filters from clogging.
The external protection circuit and thermal protection system of the intelligent battery management system ensure your safety for up to 60 minutes of use.
Two cyclone separation and two physical filtering systems keep the air in your home clean and healthy.


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