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Motorola has confirmed the release date of the Moto Razr 2022 and X30 Pro.

 Motorola has confirmed the release date of the Moto Razr 2022 and X30 Pro.

If this year's flagship phones are to be truly flagships, then the business intends to release them.

The Moto Razr 2022 and Moto X30 Pro are set to go on sale in the second half of 2019.

The gadgets will be unveiled during an event in China on August 2nd, according to the business.

Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 is likely to power both devices.

Motorola has finally established a timetable for the release of its new high-end smartphones after teasing a few specifics in previous months.

The Moto Razr 2022 and Moto X30 Pro will be unveiled on August 2 in China, Motorola has announced via a Weibo post (via GSMArena(opens in new tab)). But whether the new Razr phone will be offered outside of the United States remains to be seen.

The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 CPU, which is used in many of the greatest Android phones, may be included in the Moto Razr 2022. A 50MP primary sensor and a 120Hz display are rumored features of the next Razr phone. It's said to have up to 12GB of RAM and 512GB of internal storage under the hood.

There has been a mixed bag of premium and ordinary features in the company's foldable product range in recent years Snapdragon 765G 5G was used in the Razr 5G from 2020, for example. It's clear that Razr intends to deliver a foldable phone with all the features of a flagship in order to compete with the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 that will be released soon.

Motorola is clearly trying to outdo Samsung when it comes to foldable smartphones, as Samsung's next foldable devices will be announced on August 10. However, Samsung's next Galaxy Unpacked event, which will feature a host of product announcements in addition to its next foldable phones, is poised to take the attention from Motorola's unveiling.

The Moto X30 Pro, on the other hand, is set to be a first in many ways. If Motorola's prior teaser is any indication, the phone will be the first to include a 200MP camera sensor. 125W rapid charging, which is a first for Moto phones, is reportedly believed to be supported. The Motorola Edge 30 Ultra is likely to be the name given to the device when it goes on sale in other countries.

Both smartphones show Motorola's effort to compete with Samsung's Galaxy S and Galaxy Z Fold / Z Flip lines. However, the next phones' costs, which are still a mystery, will either make or break their success.


More vendors are apparently being approached by Apple as the iPhone 14's mass production near

With the iPhone 14 series, Apple wants to make sure that there aren't any supply chain issues.

To minimize supply chain issues, Apple has reportedly taken efforts to ensure that the iPhone 14 will go on sale at the company's September Event(opens in new tab). Supply chain problems might be avoided by the tech giant by expanding its list of suppliers for its upcoming iPhone 14 series.

SG Micro, a Chinese company that specializes in integrated circuits, has been added to Apple's increasing list of suppliers, according to Ming-Chi Kuo(opens in new tab), an Apple analyst acquainted with the company's supply chain. According to Kuo's tweets, SG Micro's high-end iPhone 14 units have passed quality certification. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will include parts supplied by SG Micro.

Power management integrated circuits (which controls the battery) will be provided by the Chinese firm to Apple for this year's high-end iPhones.

A "tier-1 level" chip, as described by Kuo, is one that is utilized in more costly electronic devices like iPhones and iPads. This is the first time SG Micro has supplied components for Apple's high-end phones.

Is there a delay in the manufacture of the iPhone 14?

With the iPhone 14 series poised to be on sale this autumn, Apple is putting the finishing touches on its mass manufacturing lines. However, there have been reports of probable delays in the manufacture of the next phones on several fronts.

In the past, Kuo had said that Apple's panel and memory manufacturers were experiencing supply challenges, but that this would not influence the iPhone 14's debut schedule. According to Kuo, Apple orders millions of components ahead of the launch, which provides the business time to build a huge amount of devices, so the influence on the distribution of the phones would be "minimal," as Kuo deems it.

According to 9to5Mac, a Nikkei Asia article indicated that the manufacture of the iPhone 14 was delayed by three weeks because of COVID-19 lockdowns in China.. Analyst Jeff Pu agreed, stating that the iPhone 14 Max may be the most afflicted model. Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants recently tweeted that iPhone 14 Max panel shipments are lagging well behind the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which suggests that the most interesting iPhone 14 model may be delayed. .

Additionally, Apple's iPad has also been experiencing supply challenges. Because of the continuing chip scarcity, certain iPhone 14 models may only be available in limited quantities when they go on sale.

We should expect new versions of the 6.1-inch iPhone 14 as well as larger versions of the iPhone 14 Max (or iPhone 14 Plus) and Pro (or iPhone 14), both of which will be available at the same time. In this year's iPhone 14 versus iPhone 14 Pro comparison, Apple's new A16 Bionic chipset and a possibly more powerful primary 48MP camera are believed to only be found in the Pro model.

With its larger battery and larger screen, Apple's iPhone 14 Max is expected to offer more power and storage capacity than the smaller iPhone 14. A comparison of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max reveals several similarities.

We hope that Apple will be able to resolve their supply concerns before the projected September introduction of the iPhone 14 series, and adding to their list of suppliers is a step in that direction.


In an Iowa campground, a 6-year-old child and her parents were shot to death in a tent.

A guy from Nebraska fatally murdered a Cedar Falls couple and their 6-year-old daughter as they were camping at an Iowa state campground in an apparent random attack.

In addition to a 9-year-old boy, the pair leaves behind a husband and wife. On Saturday, it was not apparent if the youngster was with his family at the Maquoketa Caves State Park Campground at the time of the incident.

Tyler Schmidt, 42, his wife Sarah Schmidt, 42, and their 6-year-old daughter Lulu Schmidt were confirmed as the victims by the Iowa Department of Public Safety. In the early hours of Friday morning, their remains were discovered in their tent at the campground, some 180 miles (290 kilometers) east of Des Moines.

The suspect, 23-year-old Anthony Sherwin, was discovered dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the park's woodland section, according to authorities.

Mortvedt, assistant director of DPS's criminal investigative branch, said Saturday that the reason for the attack was still a mystery, according to AP.

As far as we know, "the inquiry has not shown any early engagement between the Schmidt family and him," he added, adding that "we don't know what caused this."

Clifton Heights According to Mayor Rob Green, who claims to be a neighbor of the Schmidts, their 9-year-old son Arlo "survived the attack, and is safe," as he wrote on Facebook on Friday. When asked by the Associated Press if Arlo was at the campground or in his tent, Green said he didn't know the answer to that question. There was no quick response from authorities on the mayor's tweet or the boy's condition.

The Cedar Falls Public Library was closed on Saturday following the news of Sarah Schmidt's death.

"Like many of you, I'm saddened," Green posted on Facebook after learning the news. "Sarah and her family were regular walkers in the Sartori Park neighborhood, and I was familiar with them." This week, we were collaborating on a technology presentation for a public library scheduled for Saturday, July 26.

Green stated that the family's 9-year-old son Arlo had survived the attack and was safe. "I've informed my neighbors, and I apologize to anyone who just learned of this incident as a result of reading this article." He promised to make arrangements for memorials and services public in the near future.

By Saturday afternoon, Arlo's GoFundMe page had received more than $40,000 in donations. "Arlo is a strong youngster, surrounded by family and friends who are supporting him as best we can," said the page, which claims to have been put up by a cousin, Beth Shapiro. The page states that the money will be used to aid Arlo now and in the future.

As a result, a children's summer camp was evacuated from the park and campsite following the shootings. Mortvedt said that Sherwin was the only person still missing following the evacuations.

He said that the discovery that Sherwin was armed occurred during the course of the inquiry and "that of course raised our awareness." People in Iowa who have a permission to carry a firearm can do so in almost every part of the state. Neither Sherwin's permit status nor the type of firearm used to kill the Schmidts were revealed by authorities.

Sherwin was born in La Vista, Nebraska, according to the Des Moines Register. He had resided in an apartment complex with his parents and had no criminal record, according to the police chief of La Vista, Bob Lausten.

According to Mortvedt, the results of the autopsies on Sherwin and his victims will be disclosed over the weekend, and further information will likely be forthcoming.

Until further notice, the state park and campsite were closed. The Department of Natural Resources informed the Associated Press via email that refunds had been sent to campers who made reservations until Thursday. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has confirmed that all campers who were in the campground but were not involved in the shooting were permitted to reclaim their possessions.


Trial of Steve Bannon, a former Trump strategist, for contempt of court

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, a close confidant of Donald Trump's, was found guilty on Friday of contempt of Congress charges stemming from his refusal to appear before a House committee investigating the events of January 6th in the U.S. Capitol. Officials on the committee termed it "a win for the rule of law."

the committee's subpoenaed materials and Bannon's refusal to attend in a deposition were among the charges brought against him. Bannon, 68, was found guilty of both charges after a four-day federal court trial. A jury of eight men and four women discussed for slightly over three hours before reaching a decision.

Depending on the circumstances, he might be sentenced to two years in jail on October 21. A 30-day prison term is the bare minimum for each offence.

Lawyer David Schoen told reporters outside the courthouse that Bannon's conviction will be overturned. Schoen announced, "This is round one." "This case will be overturned on appeal."

That's what Bannon himself said: "We may have lost the battle today; we're not going to lose this war."

His sole disappointment was that "the gutless members of that show trial committee, the J-6 committee, did not have the courage to come down here and testify."

There was no wiggle room for them either way.

In a statement, U.S. attorney Matthew Graves stated, "The subpoena to Stephen Bannon was not an invitation that could be declined or disregarded." He had a legal responsibility to come before the House Select Committee to testify and hand over relevant papers. He deliberately refused to do so, and a jury has now determined that he must pay the price for that refusal."

The committee wanted to hear from Bannon on Trump's attempts to rig the 2020 election. Trump's claim of executive privilege shielded Bannon's testimony, Bannon said. Bannon was no longer a member of Trump's administration in 2017 and was thus a private individual when he was consulted by Trump before to the Jan. 6, 2021 disturbance, according to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Justice Department.

While Bannon's defense team argued that the trial dates "were in flux," the prosecution countered by claiming that Bannon had not refused to cooperate. When the trial began, they pointed out that Bannon had offered to appear before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee immediately after Trump had waived his objection.

Final arguments were held on Friday morning, with each party reiterating their stance from the trial. The prosecution said that Bannon wilfully disobeyed obvious and specific deadlines, while the defense argued that Bannon felt the dates were flexible and negotiable.

On September 23, 2017, Bannon was served with a subpoena by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, which ordered him to hand over required papers by Oct. 7 and testify in person by Oct. 14, 2017. A month after the Justice Department received a referral from a House subcommittee, Bannon was charged in November on two charges of criminal contempt of Congress.

Corcoran told the jury on Friday that such deadlines were really "placeholder" dates as attorneys from both sides worked out a deal.

Because "the committee wants to make an example of Steve Bannon," Corcoran claimed, the committee rushed to judgment.

Additionally, Corcoran made a personal attack on the government's star witness, Kristin Amerling, who testified before the committee on January 6. During her deposition, Amerling revealed that she has been acquainted with one of the prosecutors for many years and that she has been a longtime Democrat.

"Anyone who obstructs our inquiry into these concerns should face penalties, just as there must be responsibility for all those involved for the events of January 6th," they stated. "There is no one above the law."

Prosecutors focused on the Jan. 6 committee's correspondence with Bannon's legal team. It is clear from the email that Thompson did not believe Bannon when he said Trump's claim of executive privilege shielded him from prosecution and threatened Bannon with criminal charges.

In her closing remarks, Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Vaughn stated, "The defense wants to make this hard, complicated and confused." "It's not hard at all. This isn't difficult. Because it's as straightforward as it appears, there were just two eyewitnesses.

The defense argued for acquittal on Thursday, arguing that the prosecution had failed to meet its burden of proof. Bannon's lawyer, Corcoran, argued before Judge Nichols that "no reasonable juror could find that Mr. Bannon refused to cooperate" in his request for acquittal.

It was at this moment that Bannon's attorneys told Nichols that they would not be calling any witnesses, since the judge's earlier judgments had rendered his previously planned defense strategies moot. They could not summon House Speaker Nancy Pelosi or any other members of the House panel as witnesses or claim that Bannon believed he was protected by executive privilege, among other reasons.

To defend Bannon and his allies, the Mississippi Democratic Party's Jan. 6 Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson was singled out for special attention. A number of times throughout the trial, his name was brought up, despite the fact that U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols had advised the defense not to argue that the committee was itself politically biased. In his daily speeches outside the courthouse, Bannon repeatedly singled out Thompson by name and said that Thompson's COVID-19 diagnosis from last week was a ruse to avoid appearing in court.

"A triumph for the rule of law and a critical endorsement of the Select Committee's work," Thompson and committee Vice Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., said in a joint statement.


SHOCKER! Fuses Blowing Up In The VW Plant

Volkswagen has appointed Oliver Blume as CEO in place of Herbert Diess, a decision that came as a complete surprise.

Herbert Diess, the Volkswagen Group's CEO since 2015, will step down and depart the firm on September 1st, the company stated in a blandly written press release on July 22nd. Oliver Blume, the current CEO of Porsche AG, will take over as his successor.

When Diess was pushed overboard by Hans Dieter Pötsch, the head of the Supervisory Board, Pötsch offered him a glowing recommendation. When Herbert Diess was chairman of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars Brand Board of Management and chairman of the Volkswagen Group Board of Management, he played an important role in moving the firm forward. The Group and its brands have a bright future ahead of them, thanks to the company's increased capacity for innovation and profitability. Mr. Diess displayed remarkably his ability to carry out large-scale transformation procedures in a timely and consistent manner. Along with leading the firm through a challenging period, he also developed a radical new strategy.

Diess was brought in to save Volkswagen's bacon when it was found rigging its diesel-powered vehicles to avoid pollution laws, and he performed an excellent job. The Porsche and Piech families, who control more than half of Volkswagen's voting rights and a 31.4% ownership interest, are said to have pushed for a leadership change, according to people familiar with the situation. It was impossible to change Diess. He had a huge impact on Volkswagen's direction. However, one anonymous source told Reuters, "His communication was appalling."

As Porsche AG prepares to go public later this year, Blume will become leadership of the firm as of September 1. In 1994, Blume was hired as a trainee at Audi, where he ascended to become the company's head of production. After working at SEAT and Volkswagen, he joined Porsche as an engineer. As chairman of the Porsche Board of Management in 2015, he has also been a member of the Volkswagen Group Board of Management since 2018.

Over the course of seven years in charge of Porsche AG, Oliver Blume has demonstrated his ability to handle the company's financial, technological, and cultural aspects with tremendous success." According to Pötsch, the Supervisory Board thinks he's currently the perfect person to manage the Group, which has a strong customer focus and a strong positioning of its brands and goods.

Move announcement stated that "Oliver Blume and the whole Board of Management will continue to news on with the transformation of the firm initiated by Diess with a leadership culture that places teamwork as a top priority," according to a press statement.

This decision by Volkswagen is not universally applauded. Bernstein analyst Daniel Roeska tells Reuters that overseeing two firms may "make a bad governance scenario much worse."" In light of the IPO's stated goal of creating greater independence from the Volkswagen Group, we don't believe investors will welcome the CEO-dilution.


Tributes have been paid to a Limerick kid (3) who was died in a horrific accident.

Tragedy in Co Limerick, Ireland, on Friday claimed the life of a three-year-old kid.

At before 10.30am on Friday, Padraig Cunningham, a little child from the Ballyduhig district of West Limerick, was struck and killed by a car at a private property.

Although the boy's life was saved by emergency personnel who arrived quickly on the scene, he was subsequently declared dead at University Hospital Limerick.

A local pathologist will conduct a necropsy and the case will be sent to the Limerick Coroner's Office for an inquest.

Fr. John Keating, the parish priest of Killeedy, indicated that the town is in a state of great shock following the horrific catastrophe.

It's cloudy, but they're a nice family. He described them as a loving family that put their children first.

I believe it went against the grain for anything like that to happen, given how committed they are in their community.

People in the neighborhood are strong because they've been through a lot of heartbreak in the past. The rest of the neighborhood will support them and help them get back on their feet."

It was Fr. Keating's opinion that the residents of Ashford and Raheenagh are a tightly connected community.

It'd take a lot of effort to locate a more cohesive group, he continued.

This was a heartbreaking affair, according to Michael Collins, a local councilman who knows the family well.

Since it's so personal for the family, "what can one say because it is so personal to the family, there isn't much you can say that can console them or help them?"

I feel so bad for the family. Everyone in the neighborhood cares greatly about them and what they are going through."

"Garda and emergency services visited the scene of an incident on private property, at Broadford, Co Limerick this morning, Friday, 22nd July 2022."

A three-year-old boy died as a result of his injuries. A family liaison officer has been appointed to support the family at this time.”


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monkeypox has been declared a worldwide public health emergency by the head of the United Nations' health agency

 monkeypox has been declared a worldwide public health emergency by the head of the United Nations' health agency.

Monkeypox has spread to more than 70 nations and is now a global health emergency, according to World Health Organization director Margaret Chan, who made the announcement Saturday. This may lead to additional investment in the treatment of the illness and aggravate the rush for limited vaccines.

In spite of the lack of agreement within the WHO's emergency committee, Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus decided to release the announcement. Taking such a step by the head of the United Nations' health organization was unprecedented.

"We have an outbreak that has moved over the world swiftly through novel routes of transmission about which we understand too little and which fulfills the requirements under international health rules," Tedros said.

This "has not been a simple or uncomplicated procedure," he said. "I am aware that there are various viewpoints among the members" of this group.

The World Health Organization's highest level of warning does not always signify that a disease is highly contagious or deadly. Monkeypox was added to that category by WHO director-general Dr. Michael Ryan because he wanted the global community to take the current outbreak seriously.

It wasn't until May that officials discovered scores of cases of monkeypox outside of Africa, in Europe, North America, and elsewhere, despite its long-standing presence in those regions for decades.

If the monkeypox outbreak were to spread to other nations, the declaration of a worldwide emergency would signify the outbreak was a "extraordinary occurrence" that necessitated global attention. For public health crises like the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2014 West African Ebola outbreak, the Zika virus in Latin America, and the ongoing campaign to eliminate polio, WHO has already declared emergencies.

The declaration of an emergency is primarily an appeal for increased global resources and attention to be brought to bear on an outbreak. In light of the United Nations' inability to persuade other governments to take action, previous statements received a mixed response.

After concluding last month that the worldwide epidemic of monkeypox did not yet constitute an international emergency, the WHO expert committee met this week to reassess the situation.

More than 16,000 monkeypox cases have been documented in 74 countries since May, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Only in Africa, where a more virulent strain of the virus is spreading, have deaths from monkeypox been documented to yet, mostly in Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

A small number of outbreaks of monkeypox in Africa are transmitted to humans by infected wild animals such as rats. People in Europe, North America, and elsewhere are being infected with monkeypox, even if they have no direct contact with animals or have recently returned from Africa.

According to Dr. Rosamund Lewis, WHO's top monkeypox expert, 99 percent of all monkeypox cases outside Africa were in men, and 98 percent were men who had intercourse with other male partners. At two raves in Belgium and Spain, experts believe that the monkeypox outbreaks in Europe and North America may have been transmitted via sex.

Even though Tedros has declared a public health emergency of international significance, the outbreak is mostly affecting males who engage in heterosexual sexual activity, particularly those who have several sexual partners. "In other words, we're dealing with an outbreak that's manageable if the appropriate approaches are taken by the appropriate individuals."

The director-decision general's was based on Ryan's explanation.:

There were "quite profound difficulties in this topic," Ryan said. "(Tedros) concluded that the committee didn't get to an agreement despite having a really open, very beneficial, and very deliberate debate," Ryan added. There are a lot of unknowns. The occurrence" has been declared a worldwide emergency in light of this ambiguity and his commitment.

Professor Michael Head of Southampton University's department of global health explained that the grounds for declaring monkeypox an emergency had been satisfied weeks before to Saturday's declaration.

In the past, some experts doubted whether such a declaration would help, arguing the disease isn't severe enough to warrant such a declaration and that rich countries battling monkeypox already have the funds to do so; most people recover without needing medical attention, although the lesions may be extremely painful.

Overreacting in the early stages of an issue is preferable to ignoring it until it's too late, Head said. And the World Bank and other funders might use WHO's emergency designation in order to assist limit the spread of monkeypox across Europe and Africa, where animals are likely to serve as reservoirs.

Some scientists in the United States have argued that monkeypox, like gonorrhea, herpes, and HIV, may be on the approach of becoming an established sexually transmitted illness in the country.

Professor Albert Ko of public health and epidemiology at Yale University remarked, "The basic conclusion is we've observed a change in the epidemiology of monkeypox where there is now broad, unanticipated transmission." This may be due to genetic alterations in the virus; nonetheless, a worldwide reaction is needed to bring it under control, he added.

In the early days of COVID-19, there were substantial gaps in monitoring, according to Ko, who advocated for testing to be promptly expanded up.

As he put it, "The incidents we're witnessing are only the top of the iceberg." Even while we may have missed a chance to halt the spread of monkeypox in Europe and the United States, it is not too late to prevent its spread to nations that lack the means to combat it.

Some specialists in the United States believe that monkeypox will become the newest sexually transmitted disease in the country, with officials predicting that 1.5 million men are at high risk of infection.

At Congo's Institute of National Biomedical Research, Placide Mbala, a virologist who heads the global health department, hopes any worldwide efforts to halt monkeypox would be equal. The United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, and the United States have all ordered millions of vaccine doses, but none of them has been sent to Africa.

According to Mbala, "The answer needs to be global," he said, adding that any vaccinations that are supplied to Africa will be used to target individuals at the most risk, including hunters in rural regions.

There will still be cases of Ebola in Africa, even if Western countries become vaccinated against it, he added. There will be a risk to the rest of the globe until this issue is resolved in the United States.